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August 24, 2017

This is “Canoe Imports” which is a blog dedicated to ships for charters. We love boats, and we want to share the knowledge to broad masses. We also rent boats for cruises so feel free to check our offer and see what we can offer to you.

Chartering is the activity in which you rent a boat to go on a cruise. Renting boats is relatively straightforward, but that doesn’t mean that the number of options, when it comes to renting, is small. Many companies, like the one we represent, offer various packages as well as boat types that you can rent and take out on the sea. Some of them come with crews, while others are in your hands. How this works is the subject of this post.

Bareboat charter – How does it work?

A bareboat charter is a rental of a yacht where you take the full responsibility for the vessel. This means that there is no crew to pilot the ship. You or someone from your group must have the experience as well as papers that show that you know how to run it. If you rent a boat with sails, then the whole group has to pitch in and help. The other option is to rent a vessel without sails, and that will allow you to pilot it alone, without any help from other people.

There is an option to hire a skipper if you don’t want to pilot the boat or no one from your group has any knowledge to steer it. The skipper will take over the responsibility and navigate it according to your desire. If the boat in question is the yacht with sails, then you will have to pitch in and help. If the ship doesn’t have sails, then you can lay back and relax while the skipper does everything.

The luxury of crewed yachts

If you want to sail the seas and still enjoy the luxury of a high-quality hotel, then you should hire a crewed yacht. The level of luxury you want will depend on the amount of money you are willing to spend on a cruise. We aren’t talking about large yachts that can accommodate hundreds, but small boats you hire that will accommodate you and a selected few.

If you want a real ship experience, then you can hire a boat with sails and sit in the back while the crew works on it. This allows you to see how people run boats hundreds of years ago. You can pitch in and help if you desire to experience it firsthand.

The best way to enjoy the sea and the luxury is to hire motor yachts with a full crew. In this case, you can just lay back and enjoy while team runs the ship and prepares everything and that includes drinks and food. The crew on this type of boat is smaller than the crew on yachts with sails, but you will still have to pay a lot of money for this kind of experience, and it will be worth every dollar you spend.